Anti Static Flooring

Anti Static Flooring Suppliers in India

NT (Nath Trading co) PVC Anti Static Flooring range offers a wide variety of special features such as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, and wear & tear resistance. Our products are made of 3 layers that include base PVC layer, carbon layer and wear layer on top.Being quite uncomplicated in nature, the anti-static flooring remains a preferred choice among many.

What is anti static flooring?

Different types of floors are used for businesses. Anti- static floor is preferred due to its ability to impede electrostatic discharge. The basic reason behind choosing this type of floor is due to the accumulation of high amount of static amount of electricity. Anti static flooring is beneficial in preventing accidents in business premises. It lends right atmosphere in the commercial space by maintaining the flow of static electricity. The capability of inhibiting electricity makes anti static flooring preferable. When it comes to buying the right flooring with anti static properties, it is essential to verify its features before investing on it.

Benefits of Anti Static flooring:

  • Low maintenance: You need not invest much on maintaining anti-static flooring.
  • Resistant and firm: This flooring type has utmost durability in terms of design and possess resistance to big impacts while being frequently used.
  • Ideal for business spaces: Apart from business, anti-static flooring is ideal for all spaces.
  • Easy to Install: The anti static floor is manufactured by using vinyl slats. This flooring can be easily installed with the help of glue, loose lay, drop lock, etc.


  • Hospital ICUs and other critical areas
  • Telecommunication area
  • Assembly lines in manufacturing units
  • Offices and server areas


  • Varying degree of thickness and different level of static resistance
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • The anti-static flooring is very easy to install.
  • One of the biggest advantages of anti-static flooring is that it requires no maintenance at all. Therefore, best rates offered by NT make it highly economical.

We Provide High Quality Anti Static Flooring

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