Awning Fabrics

Authorized distributor of top brands and all kinds of awning fabrics (Acrylic, Vinyl, Flex, etc)

Stitched awning fabrics are available to our dealers & customers in their customized dimensions

Our designer awning fabrics can add beauty and shade to any venue. These are available in varied length and width and offer different technical functionalities to meet the requirement of the customers.

Most important element of awnings fabrics is to provide protection against sun’s heat, water resistance, and strength against mechanical stress. Our products are well known for all these qualities and dependability.

10-15 years warranty is available on all fabrics

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Features and Benefits of our Awning Fabrics

  • Our awning fabrics offer superior protection from water, sun and wind. Yet they are translucent enought to let the light pass through.
  • Wide range of colors and Great styles ranging from stripes to solids, which helps you achieve the perfect design for your surroundings
  • Durable and long lasting which means you can save money in the long run
  • Impressive 5 year warranty and replacement options

PVC Fabric

PVC fabric is designed for a wide range of applications such as sports clothing, awnings, space vehicles, automotive components, fire protective clothing, commercial tents, etc. We ensure our superior PVC fabric is engineered matches the business standards of the client with utmost durability in its utility. This fabric is flexible and can withstand distortion and abrasion.

awning parts manufacturer & supplier
awning parts manufacturer & supplier

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric is a synthetic fabric engineered with acrylic yarns. It is produced artificially by using polymer called acrylonitrile. This fabric is breathable and retains heat. Hence, it is ideal for the production of awnings, upholstery for furniture, rugs and other applications. We work on the texture of this plastic-based fabric to give it a natural look.

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