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Vertical Blinds Manufacturer in Delhi, India

Vertical blinds add new dimension to your home/office space, guards you from sunrays and ensure privacy. NT (Nath Trading) vertical blinds are available in beautiful fabrics as well as in plastics. Generally, fabrics are used in houses, offices and plastics are used in factories, shops etc.

These blinds have a self-aligning mechanism to distribute evenly, can move completely side wise and gather less dust, for their vertical position. They also prevent flies and other insect to get into the room. In warm areas, they not only block the sunrays but also keep the rooms cool. The plastic vertical blinds used in cold storages for food business help to regulate the cold temperature of the room.

We Provide High Quality & Highly DurableVertical Blinds in India

Features and Benefits

  • Great to provide privacy and protection from sunlight
  • Vertical blinds help keep the room cool
  • Help prevent flies and insects entering the room
  • Vertical blinds are available in a variety of beautiful fabrics, it offers an aesthetic appeal

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