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Walkway Tensile structures offer protection from adverse weather, cover large area in cost effective manner and provide great aesthetic look

Our tensile walkway structures are the perfect building solution for covered walkways. The lightweight, durable membrane material we use for our structures require minimal structural support which allows us to create amazing, fanciful tensile membrane structures previously unimagined.

Covered walkways allow designers a cost-effective solution to provide pedestrians shade from the sun, protection from snow and rain, and while reducing the risk of slips and falls from rain, snow, or ice. Lab tests show that tensile structures can reduce the temperature as much as 20 degrees in their coverage area. Our advanced covered walkways are low maintenance, provide abundant amounts of filtered daylight, and are sustainable.

We Provide Well Designed & High Strength Awnings

Key Features of NT- Nath Trading Tensile Walkway Structures

  • Large Coverage & Versatile: Walkway canopy structures can create a large covered area with minimum supports. These tensile structures are practical as they provide a large open space underneath to allow for maximum usage of the covered area. They are light weight and versatile in shape and structure.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, ideal for creating aesthetically appealing canopies. Vibrant and contemporary colors enable the canopy to fit with exciting surroundings or to create a statement structure.
  • Very practical: Walkway Tensile structures are lightweight compared to other types of constructions, yet extremely strong. Tensile fabric structures are a quick and efficient way to cover a large area with minimal disruptions. The fabrics provide good UV absorbing and reflective properties.


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At Nath Trading, we are skilled at design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of structurally complex and creatively challenging tensile structure projects.


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