Homogeneous vinyl flooring

Homogeneous vinyl flooring

Homogeneous vinyl flooring (Heavy duty PVC) find a wide range of applications as safety flooring, transport flooring and exhibitions.

NT Homogeneous vinyl flooring is made up of multiple layers, which offer vibrancy as well as depth of the color. The layers underneath provide toughness, wear & tear resistance, and strength against any damage.

Nath Trading (NT) is authorized distributor of brands such as LG, Wonderfloor, and Marvel Vinyls. Our product range of SUPRA, Matrix, and Anti-Slip work perfectly as safety or transport flooring. They symbolize the right combination of good traction and long wear-ability, along with class. Bringing performance and safety alive, attractively!

Features & benefits of NT awnings:

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in multi-colour and finishing such as matte, hence can be chosen as per requirements
  • Different thicknesses are available which is necessary to provide heavy duty characteristics, perfect for high traffic areas
  • Top class Anti-slip resistance and anti-skid performance
  • Highly impressive appearance and eye catching
  • Most importantly, there are multiple patterns available which makes the selection of the flooring much easier
  • Similarly, the homogeneous vinyl flooring “Elstrong” from brand LG is particularly suitable for commercial areas with high footfall, requiring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Elstrong Features:

  • Long durability and stability
  • The Unique surface treatment ingrained with Organic Silica particle.
  • Various colors and unique pattern
  • Clean Floors (Anti-Bacterial)
  • Thus, homogeneous heavy duty flooring is certainly a very good choice for safety flooring as well as commercial purposes.

We Provide High QualityHomogeneous Vinyl Flooring


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