Roller Blinds Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Roller Blinds are the type of blinds that are fitted with a string or chain and functions through a pulley. Roller Blinds can be rolled up easily whenever one wishes.

These blinds are ideal for windows and are made up of bamboo or fabric. The user can adjust the light and shade as these blinds are rolled up accordingly. These are used in all sorts of windows – big, small, wide and tall.

NT (Nath Trading) roller blinds in Delhi are widely used in hotels, restaurants, lounges and homes. They not only block the sun light to enter the room but also look after the privacy. Over all, our blinds will give a soothing effect to the place and beautify your windows with a new look.

We Provide High QualityRoller Blinds in Delhi

Features and Benefits of Roller Blinds

  • Available in vibrant colours and designs
  • Huge variety of fabrics such as from translucent to blackout
  • Easy to operate- manually chain-driven or motorized
  • Roller blinds are ideal for being used in hotels and other commercial places.
  • Corrosion and Water Resistant.
  • Easy to maintain- dust & dirt can be easily cleaned with a cloth

Why invest on Nath Trading, the best Roller Blinds Manufacturers in Delhi?

Privacy, safety and ornate interior décor preferences of many people have led to the market expansion of roller blinds in Delhi. Be it awnings or a huge collection of window blinds, the variety caters to the requirements of each individual.

At Nath Trading, we have a comprehensive collection of roller blinds with manual functioning or mechanical. Being one of the top roller blinds manufacturers, we ensure the appeal of home and the preferences of home owners are streamlined to deliver the superior blind. Not only do these roller blinds ensure safety, but, revamps the window of a room too.

Other Benefits of Roller Blinds by Nath Trading are:

  • Our roller blinds are easy to install and operate
  • Our blinds are highly durable lasting for longer years
  • Are available in different colors and styles


At Nath Trading, we are a team of experienced and versatile blinds manufacturers in Delhi. We have prepared a chart of selectors which enables users to choose the design, fabric and texture of blinds by referring to our collection. We advise you to contact our dealers or visit our store to finalize the suitable roller blind for your home or commercial space.
We completely understand that without an evaluation, roller blind cannot be finalized. From window dimension, fabric selection and compatibility of window & blind to other specifications can be assessed through on-demand services. One of our blinds manufacturers in Delhi will visit your home for inspection and accordingly recommend the right solution.
It is a simple process to estimate the cost incurred in the manufacturing of roller blinds at Nath Trading. Firstly, you need to select the design and mechanism of the blinds followed by the details of the estimate value along with taxes will be offered by the blinds manufacturers in Delhi. <

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